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Verve Inspires Fresh Rewards Name Change

Inspire Logo

The new name Inspire has been created to do just that…inspire customers, and clients a like to be excited by the offerings both areas of the business has to offer. Whether they are working with Inspire for new sales promotion campaigns or a luxury holiday the brand portrays this excitement throughout everything it does.

Once the name was agreed, we set out to develop the brand, looking closely at the vision, values, experiences and philosophy (which were also created) to develop a strong brand for the new name.

Inspire Business Card

We created a strong, vivid colour palette which provides distinction and brings the brand to life. We looked closely at the way the two businesses work and what the customer experience is for both. As both take you on an exciting journey from A to B,  where the customers’ emotions are at the forefront we wanted to create a brand that would deliver this graphically, visually and tonally. 

Inspire Pamper Treat Brochure Spread

We looked at the expressions and sounds people make when they let out an emotion that is uncontrolled and selected a specific font to help deliver this. The logo was created from elements of the core font to allow us to create a journey and a logo which is flexible and recognisable. These expressions are core to the new brand and are applied creatively across all brand applications. The result is a brand which is exciting, dynamic, fun, flexible and memorable which works well across the two businesses.

Inspire Travel Pack

The new brand will roll out over the next few months across all the applications required, from business stationery and websites to customer travel packs and luggage labels.


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