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Category Archives: Soapbox

The rise and fall of brands

With the new TSB brand relaunching after 20 years, it got me thinking about other brands that have disappeared or experienced a revival. New TSB was born out of necessity and legislation demanding the break-up of the larger Lloyds TSB. Most other brands that make a comeback do so as a result of innovation in […]

Dave takes the hot seat on Guardian’s brand awareness panel discussion

I was asked by our PR team the other day whether I would be happy to be put forward for a Q&A session on The Guardian Small Business Network discussion. At first I was a little nervous to be honest, but we submitted my bio and were accepted straight away. The topic was on brand awareness […]

Does process make you snooze or smile?

A web development process is a documented series of steps that need to be followed in a specific order to deliver a digital project. On the whole, process can be seen two ways. On one side, many believe it stifles creativity, introduces unnecessary paperwork for clients, and frustrates the hell out of designers. On the […]

What’s in a postcode?

The North-South divide is often over laboured and the subject of intense debate. You only need to peruse today’s headlines to see BBC Breakfast’s relocation to Salford prompted its deputy editor to reiterate “We’re not making a northern Breakfast, we’re just making Breakfast.” Rather than embroil ourselves in a heated discussion on geographical allegiance, we […]

Is writing passé?

I don’t see myself as a Luddite but it can be a little unnerving when you look up in a meeting amidst a frenzy of touch-screen activity to see you’re in the minority as you scribe. Historian Lisa Jardine has been postulating on the sad loss of the written word, remarking “In our frenetic world […]

The big apostrophe debate

With the announcement of Waterstone’s changing their brand again, (only 2 years since they last rebranded), and reverting back to the original logo, (minus the apostrophe), I thought it was the right time to raise the following topical issue… Why is it that so many logos are created, in particular for TV productions, incorrectly utilising […]

Is design important? Well I think so…

…but I am sad enough to go away to Munich for New Year and take these pictures to help write this blog. It doesn’t matter what you do, what you tools you use, where you go or where you live and work, design is everywhere. Some good, some bad. The best design leaves it’s mark on […]

Shaking off the pesky supplier label

The service industry can be tricky terrain.  It’s competitive at the best of times and a degree in plate spinning is mandatory. We’re not complaining though, agency life keeps us on our toes, ensures we’re always agile of mind and, heaven forbid, never allows us to rest on our laurels. In a challenging financial climate […]

To BG or not to BG

British Gas has recently unveiled its new logo by ad agency CHI and Partners, featuring a modified flame and new typographic styling.

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