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Author Archives: David O'Hearns

Dave takes the hot seat on Guardian’s brand awareness panel discussion

I was asked by our PR team the other day whether I would be happy to be put forward for a Q&A session on The Guardian Small Business Network discussion. At first I was a little nervous to be honest, but we submitted my bio and were accepted straight away. The topic was on brand awareness […]

We are seven

Forget diamonds and rubies, we’re all about the copper. We’re about to turn seven so tradition says we mark the anniversary with this material. Pretty apt given our Macclesfield roots with Charles Roe and all. However, we’ve abandoned tradition and had a little fun to celebrate our seven years of growth. Here’s our cheeky Vine […]

Less is more

The notion that simplicity and clarity lead to good design. Who would believe it? Robert Browning first touched on the concept in his poem, Andrea del Sarto, 1855: Who strive – you don’t know how the others strive To paint a little thing like that you smeared Carelessly passing with your robes afloat,- Yet do much […]

Vibe teams up with Version One to launch its V1 rebrand

We were appointed by V1 (formerly Version One) with a brief to streamline its corporate messaging in line with the company’s global strategy and to create a unified brand to work across its UK business and US sister company. Exemplifying the company’s drive to become the global leader in business automation software, the new V1 brand reflects […]

The power of apocalyptic thinking

If the Mayan prophecy is true to its word, today marks a pretty significant moment. Believers across the globe have been urged to panic-buy candles and tinned goods, though goodness knows how a little light and a corned beef snack will see you through the cataclysmic end of time. All this talk of a dramatic […]

RAR Awards 2012 overall winner

After securing a comfortable 7th place finish last year we wanted to build on our success in the RAR Awards 2012 (Recommended Agency Register). The awards are voted purely by clients and are deemed to be an effective benchmark to assist clients in their search for an agency. We were nominated for 12 out of the […]

A craft renaissance?

A lot of things in life are cyclical. Who would imagine shoulder pads and neon shades would find their way back into wardrobes to become ‘on trend’? The same could be said for old fashioned craft, which appears to be re-emerging in the world of design.

Going mobile

Did you know according to Google more than 30% of all internet searches are made on Smartphones or iPhones? By the end of last year the number of mobile internet users was nudging on 92 million and more than 80% of the UK population now own a Smartphone. With such staggering statistics emerging, it begs […]

Vibe ranked nationally by people who matter most

Competing against the cream of UK marketing agencies, Vibe has been shortlisted in a record 12 out of 16 categories in the national industry awards voted purely by clients – the RAR Awards 2012 (Recommended Agency Register). Vibe was ranked in the top ten UK agencies employing less than 30 people in the RAR Awards 2011, as well as […]


Mr John Rushton, Technical Director of Vibe, in Macclesfield makes ground breaking move in the office. After 5 years and 8 months in business, the seat moved back, he stood up right and announced. ”I’m making a brew, who would like one”. The moment had to be caught and savoured. We are all in shock!!!! […]

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