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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Is our tweet-per-second average a new PB

According to the latest social media fact crunching, we’re now communicating at an astonishing average rate of 750 tweets per second (tps) via twitter alone. As an increasingly hyper-connected society, we’re all deftly interacting with a series of media every day – flitting from small to large screen, TV to widescreen, tablet, smartphone and back […]

We’re growing

It’s been a pretty big year for Vibe so far. We celebrated our sixth birthday, earned the title of Most Recommended Agency in the UK employing less than 30 (courtesy of the RAR Awards)… and we’ve grown. Following the appointment of Graham Robinson as digital marketing director in June, Vibe has grown its online marketing […]

Vibe creates ‘dream app’ for Travel Counsellors

We have recently teamed up with global independent travel company, Travel Counsellors, to create an inspired Facebook app around the theme of sharing dreams. This resulted from a survey carried out by Travel Counsellors into ‘dream destination’ holidays, which showed only 30% of people asked had actually had the opportunity to experience their dream trip. […]

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