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Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Happy office anniversary to us!

Well, it’s official… we have been in our new Vibe home for 1 whole year now!

Are you measuring up?

So for most of us it is the end of the financial year and a time to reflect on what has worked and not worked in growing an organisation. These tactics of assessment can range from a wild stab in the dark to collation of marketing metrics which uncover campaign values or ROI. I think […]

How important are Meta Descriptions?

Meta data and descriptions are hidden information on every page of your site that should give a brief overview of the content on the page. When the web was first created these tags were supposed to give the search engines all the information they required about a page. As people started to abuse these tags […]

How to write better website titles

Website titles are an important factor when thinking about usability and search engine listings, and are often overlooked when writing website content. What are website titles? Website titles are the short piece of content that is found at the top left hand side on every web browser, for every webpage.

A craft renaissance?

A lot of things in life are cyclical. Who would imagine shoulder pads and neon shades would find their way back into wardrobes to become ‘on trend’? The same could be said for old fashioned craft, which appears to be re-emerging in the world of design.

Going mobile

Did you know according to Google more than 30% of all internet searches are made on Smartphones or iPhones? By the end of last year the number of mobile internet users was nudging on 92 million and more than 80% of the UK population now own a Smartphone. With such staggering statistics emerging, it begs […]

Vibe ranked nationally by people who matter most

Competing against the cream of UK marketing agencies, Vibe has been shortlisted in a record 12 out of 16 categories in the national industry awards voted purely by clients – the RAR Awards 2012 (Recommended Agency Register). Vibe was ranked in the top ten UK agencies employing less than 30 people in the RAR Awards 2011, as well as […]

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