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Monthly Archives: May, 2011

Another MSN home page article focusing on brands – this time car brands! See whether your motor features or whether you agree with the choices!? http://cars.uk.msn.com/features/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=157753399

Re-branding – the successes and the failures

Thought I would share an interesting brand article with you all from the MSN home page today! http://money.uk.msn.com/investing/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=157654000 Why not take a few minutes out to see who did what, why and whether the re-brand was a success or not!

David Rutley MP – abseiling to launch the Macclesfield Brand Identity

Check out the latest news story and video from the Macclesfield Brand Launch below: http://menmedia.co.uk/macclesfieldexpress/news/s/1420204_video-mps-abseil-is-highlight-of-macclesfield-branding-relaunch

Macclesfield Brand Launch a success

The Macclesfield Brand Launch continued today with the focus being around the Town Hall. David Rutley MP started the precedings with a speech, shortly followed by abseiling off the Town Hall which was then open to the general public. The day brought more activities for all the family with Silk FM broadcasting, climbing walls being […]

Macclesfield brand launch continues

The Macclesfield brand launch continues today at Macclesfield Town Hall! People will be abseiling off the top! To know more about the brand and to get involved visit: www.makeitmacclesfield.co.uk

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