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Monthly Archives: July, 2011

Dave’s in The Drum!

Dave has a interesting article in this week’s The Drum magazine Knowledge Bank section (22/07/11). If you haven’t picked up your copy yet here’s a chance to read the article- Be different, be consistent and communicate effectively. With the world of digital communications improving the way we work, communicate and ultimately sell our products or […]

A very happy winner

Congratulations to Rachel Allcock who achieved the best time in our competition. She managed to guess the logos from rudimentary illustrations created by Dave’s forefinger on his iPhone. Rachel is the lucky owner of a brand new white  iPad 2 (we’re all very jealous).

Love Local Life re brands with Vibe

Our client Love Local Life works in partnership with local businesses and the community to deliver a rewards scheme which aims to be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Love Local Life is committed to getting relationships back between independent shops and their consumers helping to achieve and maintain a sustainable local economy. With ourselves […]

The power of colour in branding

Well, what is colour? How should it be used? And how large a part does it play in branding? Let’s see… Primary Colours Red, Yellow and Blue These are the 3 pigment colours that cannot be mixed or formed by any combination of other colours. All other colours are derived from these 3 hues. Secondary […]

Wimbledon LIVE at Vibe

A last minute decision to get the projector out of the cupboard seems like a good idea! We can all see the tennis (whilst working of course) from our desks and can look forward to Andy Murray in the next 20mins! Happy Friday everyone – we’re having a good one!

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