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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Traditional values in modern brands…

We were recently engaged in a branding project for a local sandwich shop that got us delving into the past. We started to look at the visual language used in traditional brands, adverts and packaging in the 1920′s and 1930′s and how we could bring these elements into the new brand to help support its […]

Whether we choose to embrace it or not, social media is not going away anytime soon. On the contrary, there are now more than 2.8 billion social media profiles worldwide. Many companies are still hesitant about embracing social media. The frenetic content, speed of interaction and mass potential of people to reach can be perceived […]

What’s in a postcode?

The North-South divide is often over laboured and the subject of intense debate. You only need to peruse today’s headlines to see BBC Breakfast’s relocation to Salford prompted its deputy editor to reiterate “We’re not making a northern Breakfast, we’re just making Breakfast.” Rather than embroil ourselves in a heated discussion on geographical allegiance, we […]

RAR Awards 2012 overall winner

After securing a comfortable 7th place finish last year we wanted to build on our success in the RAR Awards 2012 (Recommended Agency Register). The awards are voted purely by clients and are deemed to be an effective benchmark to assist clients in their search for an agency. We were nominated for 12 out of the […]

HTML5 – it ain’t ready yet!

Just recently we have started seeing clients asking about using HTML5 to build their website. Those who have been buoyed along by the vogue for ‘Web2.0’ and ‘social marketing’ are now, it seems, firmly latched on to ‘HTML5 & CSS3’ as the latest must have. However, before we submerge ourselves fully in the excitement there […]

An identity borne of collaboration

AdviserPlus is a provider of HR and business services to some of the largest companies in the UK. The firms  operates under the radar and is seamlessly integrated into its clients’ organisations. We worked with AdviserPlus to assess and define its brand strategy, then implement a new identity programme which better represented the business. Following our Brand Discovery workshops we […]

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