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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

Putting behaviour at the heart of branding

It is common practice for brands to apply their core values to their products, services, communications and environment. However, many brands overlook another, vital dimension of brand experience- behaviour. Harnessing brand values through behaviour is free and it can make all the difference to your business. Marketing communications which promise fast service, ethical practice, or […]

Vibe achieves success at RAR Awards 2013

Competing against the crème de la crème of UK agencies, Vibe scooped the national award for Print Production in The RAR Awards 2013 last night, for agencies employing less than 30 people. The national industry awards are voted purely by clients and rankings are calculated on the basis of more than 6,000 ratings from clients […]

You can have any colour – so long as it’s black.

When Henry Ford’s Model T line went all-black in 1913, the colour choice was purely practical – allegedly chosen for its ‘quicker drying time’, it is likely that the colour was simply cheap and durable. Yet colour is one of the most powerful behavioural tools available to us. Every day, we are inundated with colour-coded […]

LOL’s not always a laughing matter

If you’re guilty of inappropriate gushing due to an embarrassing misinterpretation of LOL* on a text exchange, you’re not alone. The ‘laugh out loud’ abbreviation is not the only acronym to have prompted a blush due to misunderstanding. It is a prime example of how implied meaning can get lost in translation through assumption of […]

Blur takes hashtag on the road to help connect with fans

Music and the Internet have been working hand in hand since the early days of the World Wide Web with websites such as MySpace playing an early role in the interaction between fans and bands. Nowadays it’s all about social media websites such as facebook, twitter, youtube and soundcloud to deliver the very latest information […]

Less is more

The notion that simplicity and clarity lead to good design. Who would believe it? Robert Browning first touched on the concept in his poem, Andrea del Sarto, 1855: Who strive – you don’t know how the others strive To paint a little thing like that you smeared Carelessly passing with your robes afloat,- Yet do much […]

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