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Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Gaining my green wings at Vibe!

Having graduated from Shillington College in December 2011, I set off into the world of graphic design with my trusted Mac and new-found knowledge of the Adobe suite in search of work. Whilst exploring the amazing world of Twitter I came across a tweet calling students to apply for a placement opportunity at Vibe. Having […]

Responsive Web Design

Following Graham’s article ‘I’ve seen the future of web design, and it’s responsive’ I thought I would expand a little on the mechanics of this for the more technically-minded among you. To start it’s probably best to see an example in action. Take a look at this very simple demonstration by following this link: http://www.alistapart.com/d/responsive-web-design/ex/ex-site-larger.html

I’ve seen the future of web design, and it’s responsive

I recently attended SASCon (Search and Social Media Conference) in Manchester and have since bored the pants off the team here with stats including ‘Smartphone usage has doubled in 2012’ and ‘80% of Twitter users access the service on a mobile device’.  It’s clear that the future of the internet is mobile, and if your […]

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