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Author Archives: John Rushton

The perils of ‘lazy password syndrome’

In the techie team, we are often criticised for allocating seemingly arbitrary passwords, but there is method in our madness. Far too many users left to their own devices choose one of the following five (instantly hackable) passwords: 1. password 2. 123456 3. 4. abc123 5. qwerty I can guarantee that a number of […]

Responsive Web Design

Following Graham’s article ‘I’ve seen the future of web design, and it’s responsive’ I thought I would expand a little on the mechanics of this for the more technically-minded among you. To start it’s probably best to see an example in action. Take a look at this very simple demonstration by following this link: http://www.alistapart.com/d/responsive-web-design/ex/ex-site-larger.html

HTML5 – it ain’t ready yet!

Just recently we have started seeing clients asking about using HTML5 to build their website. Those who have been buoyed along by the vogue for ‘Web2.0’ and ‘social marketing’ are now, it seems, firmly latched on to ‘HTML5 & CSS3’ as the latest must have. However, before we submerge ourselves fully in the excitement there […]

Vibe – Outtake TV

As some of you may remember we ran a competition at christmas to guess which one of us managed to pull off the trick shot. Not all our attempts went to plan as the following video clearly demonstrates. I did manage to make the trick shot first time but the camera wasn’t running at the time, honest!

Domain names set for huge increase

A few days a go ICANN (the organisation in charge of looking after top level domains) gave approval to a plan to allow anyone to set up there own top level domain (well anyone with at least $185,000 to spend!) this will mean that over the next couple of years you will see a huge increase in […]

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