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Category Archives: Insight

The rise and fall of brands

With the new TSB brand relaunching after 20 years, it got me thinking about other brands that have disappeared or experienced a revival. New TSB was born out of necessity and legislation demanding the break-up of the larger Lloyds TSB. Most other brands that make a comeback do so as a result of innovation in […]

Remembering where you’ve come from

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Today I was kindly asked to be a guest speaker for the new class of MSc Public Relations students at Manchester Metropolitan University. When I walked into the room of those fresh-faced PR students, I had a strange sense of familiarity, but I also acknowledged […]

How to turn new customers into happy, repeat customers

Following my previous blog post where I discussed the factors that influence the e-commerce sales funnel process, I wanted to write a follow-up post discussing how to convert your new customers into loyal, repeat purchasers. Data segmentation Before starting any kind of activity, it’s important to get a good understanding of your customers and how […]

Putting the fun back in the
e-commerce funnel process

We’ve recently been working with a client to implement e-commerce tracking. It wanted to understand the effectiveness of its online store. As part of this, we defined the funnel process to establish a conversion rate and help it to identify any problems with its checkout. This got me thinking about how the sales funnel process […]

Creativity and Controversy

Recently, Marmite launched a new television marketing campaign created by London based-agency Adam&EveDDB. It focuses around ending Marmite neglect in a tongue-in-cheek documentary, where jars of Marmite are ‘rescued’ from their owners in scenes reminiscent of animal neglect. These jars are then given a new lease of life in the form of a new owner. […]

30 days of change

With Yahoo! in the process of a major rebrand it has decided to introduce ‘30 days of change’, a period in which it will be featuring a different version of its logo every day on its website.     It is not clear exactly why this is being done, however it could be a good […]

Few will have missed the news this week that three women in the public eye, Caroline Criado-Perez, Stella Creasy and a Grace Dent have received rape, death and bomb threats via Twitter. It is not the first time that we’ve heard this sort of news. In the past, celebrities, footballers, Olympic athletes and even your […]

It’s not just what you say, it’s how and where you say it…

Social media is very much a fixture of everyday life in today’s society. Almost everyone has heard of it, with most people actively engaging with it on some level – daily, hourly, or even more frequently. The chances are that it was through a social media channel that you came across this blog. On a […]

What makes brands influential?

Google and Amazon have been named the first and second most influential brands in the UK respectively, according to Ipsos Mori’s Top 100 Most Influential Brands report. Microsoft took third position, the BBC came in at fourth, and claiming fifth was eBay. The 10 top scoring brands were judged on qualities like trust, messaging and […]

Bass’ legacy lives on

One of the first designers I studied and researched years ago was Saul Bass, an American widely considered as one the great graphic designers of the mid 20th century. Last Wednesday you might have noticed Google’s video doodle celebrating what would have been Bass’ 93rd birthday. The short doodle takes you through a journey of Bass’ […]

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