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Monthly Archives: February, 2012

A flippin’ good race!

Today saw the 15th annual Macclesfield Pancake race in aid of the charity MAST and, true to form, Vibe optimistically entered a team, namely ‘The Vibrations’… 9 teams entered the competition overall… some great fancy dress costumes were on show (admittedly not by us) and there was a good atmosphere in the town centre as […]


Mr John Rushton, Technical Director of Vibe, in Macclesfield makes ground breaking move in the office. After 5 years and 8 months in business, the seat moved back, he stood up right and announced. ”I’m making a brew, who would like one”. The moment had to be caught and savoured. We are all in shock!!!! […]

Is writing passé?

I don’t see myself as a Luddite but it can be a little unnerving when you look up in a meeting amidst a frenzy of touch-screen activity to see you’re in the minority as you scribe. Historian Lisa Jardine has been postulating on the sad loss of the written word, remarking “In our frenetic world […]

Have you heard the story about the Pieman…?

A few weeks ago we were asked if would prepare and give a presentation, on the subject of branding, to a group of about 25 local business people at one of the regular Breakfast Business Surgeries that are hosted and run by Harts Accountants in Macclesfield. So we set about thinking of a way to […]

Vibe – Outtake TV

As some of you may remember we ran a competition at christmas to guess which one of us managed to pull off the trick shot. Not all our attempts went to plan as the following video clearly demonstrates. I did manage to make the trick shot first time but the camera wasn’t running at the time, honest!

SMS specialist Rentnote re-brands as Avetio

Rentnote SMS first established its place in the market as a property specialist. We worked with the company to translate its global offering and diverse sector portfolio into a visionary growth brand; Avetio. We used our bespoke Brand Development programme, Activate, in order to really get to grips with the company, its values, objectives and ways of […]

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