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Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Optimum Procurement Sponsorship with MOTO GPs Bradley Smith

After a recent refresh of their brand with Vibe, Optimum Procurement’s new brand identity has been applied to the car livery of MOTO GPs Bradley Smith. As part of the brand refresh other brand applications included stationery, presentations and the main website www.optimumprocurement.co.uk We wish Optimum and Bradley the best of luck for 2012 and […]

If you don’t want to make it about price…

In a competitive landscape or even in a market that doesn’t know you, it’s easy to think the best thing to do to survive is just get the sales in. This is going to affect the whole dynamics of how you do business in the long-term, so it might be worth spending some time on […]

The big apostrophe debate

With the announcement of Waterstone’s changing their brand again, (only 2 years since they last rebranded), and reverting back to the original logo, (minus the apostrophe), I thought it was the right time to raise the following topical issue… Why is it that so many logos are created, in particular for TV productions, incorrectly utilising […]

Is design important? Well I think so…

…but I am sad enough to go away to Munich for New Year and take these pictures to help write this blog. It doesn’t matter what you do, what you tools you use, where you go or where you live and work, design is everywhere. Some good, some bad. The best design leaves it’s mark on […]

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