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Brand Consistency – Pepsi vs Coca Cola

Whether you are creating a new brand for your business, developing a new brand for a product or refreshing your existing brand to help re-position yourselves, one thing you must get right is brand consistency! 

Understanding the core of your business is paramount. You need to look at the following before making any decisions: 

Vision; where you are now and defining where you want to be
Drivers; why you are taking action
Setup; organisational history, architecture, business units and relationships
Core; what you do, for who, where, when, how and why
Market; competition, share, size and growth opportunities
Brand Proposition; benefits, what makes you unique and usp’s
Brand Position; customers, competitors and associations
Brand Personality; policies, experiences, values and promise 

Once you have these in place and you are happy with it then the brand creation (or refresh) can begin. 

By outlining all the above, clear guidance can be given to produce a brand which is true to your business. A brand that has the right image, colours, typography, graphics and tone throughout all the applications that are best suited to your business and will speak to your audience in the most efficient and consistent way! 

The thing is, these processes will help create a strong, well defined brand which has a clear direction and is undertsood and followed. And in this case is asked for even when it is not available. Can I have a Coke  please? ….. Will Pepsi be OK? 

Pepsi logo and coca cola logo



The brand journey of pepsi and coca cola so far

Although the image only portrays the logo, it is the brand consistency which has set it apart!


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