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Vibe serves up brand
refresh for Per Tutti

Per Tutti, a Manchester city centre based restaurant, recently approached Vibe to help refresh its existing brand to re-establish the restaurant positioning following an increasing number of positive reviews and a move to a more diverse menu offering.

During the refresh we worked with Per Tutti to reposition its new offering effectively and create a point of difference to help it stand apart from competitors within Manchester. Key to the refresh was keeping things simple and clean while maintaining the brand’s position in the marketplace.

Per Tutti Restaurant Logo

Inspired by an introduction of a broader European menu, a simplified logo was created to enhance legibility while remaining aligned with its brand values.

Per Tutti Restaurant Graphics


Per Tutti Restaurant Graphics 2

A diverse colour palette, together with iconography, was selected to help convey the wide range of choice and flavours Per Tutti now offers, while creating vibrancy and a clear point of difference.

Per Tutti Restaurant Loyalty Cards


Per Tutti Restaurant Menu

One of the key brand touchpoints for the restaurant is its dining environment. We worked with Per Tutti to update both the exterior and interior with the new brand, to create a stylish and relaxing setting.

Per Tutti Restaurant Environment

Per Tutti Restaurant Environment 2

Chris Buckley, owner of Per Tutti, said: “The team at Vibe revitalised the brand and we are really pleased with the results. We feel it is a more authentic reflection of Per Tutti and we’ve had some great responses to the rebrand.”


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