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Should you respond to responsive?


A recent study by Google has found that UK tablet usage has increased 30% year on year. Also, that 90% of people frequently swap between different devices (smart phones, desktop, tablets and TVs) throughout the day to accomplish their online objectives.

Sources including Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker expect there to be a drop in the sales of desktop PCs, with Internet users opting to use tablets as a means of browsing the web as a cheaper alternative.

The arrival of Windows 8 will undoubtedly drive the demand for touch screen PCs. This will change the way we interact with on-screen interfaces and the hover state could well become a thing of the past.

Many businesses now understand this shift in online media consumption and are turning to responsive web design as a way to ensure their website is displayed correctly and can be easily accessed across a range of devices.

Before a decision is made on whether your website should have a responsive layout, it’s worth studying your Google Analytics reports. With a bit of customization, you should be able to find answers to the following questions that will help you make a more informed decision:

  • What devices are your visitors currently using to access your website?
  • At what time of day are they visiting and what pages are they viewing?
  • Does the proportion of visitors accessing your site warrant the extra
    spend on implementing a responsive design?

We recently rebranded Mark 1 and re-launched their website with a responsive layout. Studying their Google Analytics reports allowed us to make an informed decision on whether a responsive design was right for them.

You can view our work here:


So, when it comes to updating your site to get longevity out of the new design, consider not only the traffic you’re receiving now, but also the traffic you’re likely to receive in future. Dive into your Google Analytics reports and see if responsive is right for you.


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