Client: OpenStream     Project: Naming & Branding

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Naming and branding a household & personal care partnership

New Value Connections Limited operates across the Household and Personal Care sector (HPC) helping businesses compete by connecting them to new growth streams for their business without having to invest in global resources.

The brief

Create a brand name (OpenStream) and identity to reflect the proposition, making the new business look like an established player whilst creating a flexible brand which felt modern and approachable.

The situation

Great products or ideas which work in specific countries already can't always expand and break into new markets due to a lack of resource and available connections.

Taking one successful product from one country to be re-packaged and branded in a new country takes lots of experience and established relationships which OpenStream could offer these partners.

The solution

We had to understand the business and the service that OpenStream had to offer. We needed to know what would make this new business different and how important the relationship between OpenStream and the next potential partnership was - it was a three way communication and OpenStream sat right in the middle. We explored a number of different name options, looking at ease of recall and strength of sound whilst focusing on the genuine relationships that needed to be developed. This left us with OpenStream as the favourite name as it described the way the business would operate and deliver its service. The name itself was kept simple and clear to help recognition and ledgibility across the international community, whilst the brand was developed from a portfolio of pre-determined 'organic shapes' to emphasise the natural collaboration between two partners, with OpenStream being the pivotal point to this connection.

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