Client: bmi     Project: Self Check-in at Heathrow Airport

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Making the pre-flight ordeal a whole lot easier

bmi is the second largest airline at London Heathrow, one of the world's busiest and best-connected international airports. From the Heathrow hub, it operates services in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

The brief

Design, produce and install a self check-in and e-ticket collection area.

The situation

bmi is committing to using technology such as e-ticketing, internet booking, and self check-in at the airport and online, to help smooth and speed up the pre-flight experience. Currently, passengers have to go through a lengthy manned check-in procedure.

The solution

Not only did we have to quickly understand the different requirements of the huge variety of passengers a busy airline attracts, we had to work within bmi’s established brand guidelines, paying particular attention to the environmental rules that they have in place.

We tested typical customer journeys to discover how we could get passengers through self-service bag checks and e-ticketing collection points, to check-in in a seamless, simple and efficient way.

Once the process was designed, mapped and agreed, we developed graphical device areas to guide passengers through every stage. We produced the system off-site and installed it under strict airport rules in a hectic timescale to reduce the inconvenience to existing customers.

Now, the self-check in system, combined with streamlined behind-the-scenes procedures, means the airline boasts one of the best punctuality records of any UK airline.

We delivered with this project

  • Further developed environment style-guide
  • Internal and external signage
  • Totems and graphical structures
  • Graphics for e-ticketing machines
  • Flow and queue systems/items
  • Weigh machines and graphics
  • Carry-on luggage size regulators