Client: St. James’s Place     Project: Online System

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Designing and building clever software to manage multiple needs for a finance company

The St. James's Place Wealth Management Group offers a wide range of high quality wealth management services to businesses and individuals. With £22.4 billion funds under management, it is well established as one of the UK's leading wealth management organisations.

The brief

Create a bespoke software solution to manage leads, financial involvements and communications between an external introducer's organisation and project-recruited SJP partners throughout the UK.

The situation

SJP has won sole rights to manage the finances for all of an organisation's clients enabling them to take up the products and services of the organisation. There are hundreds of leads, conversions and communications per week that need to be managed and documented, generating reports to both SJP and the organisation.

The solution

We began by thoroughly understanding the processes involved and the lead management requirements. Once this was established and a wireframe was created and signed off, we developed a name for the software and a brand which would reflect SJP, but have a contemporary style to the corporate brand. We managed the integrity of the designs through the construction stages, ensuring it was simple to use and accessible in just a few clicks. After construction, we ran a pilot study to see how the system performed and made modifications that improved processes and reporting.

The system is now 'live' and is automatically managing the network without the need for daily attention, removing on going operational costs for SJP. The company is delighted and has great data to reward and develop the performances of its partners.