Client: Avetio     Project: Full rebrand and renaming

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Brand identity, renaming and creation

Rentnote first established its place in the SMS market by specialising in the property sector. The company then expanded its service offering into a global market, operating across a wide range of industries.

The brief

To rename, rebrand and reposition the company, while educating and attracting new customers, to create a solid foundation for growth.

The situation 

Rentnote had outgrown its name and the organisation had changed considerably. Market repositioning was essential and it was vital to educate customers about the benefits of the products and service offering.

The new name needed to reflect the core values while translating effectively to a global audience. 

The solution 

Rentnote was rebranded as Avetio – deriving from two Latin words meaning ‘quick’ and ‘message’. From this point we developed the logo, typography, colour palettes, graphical styles and imagery. We wanted the new brand to be professional and corporate, with a dynamic edge.

The brand needed to talk to both SME and blue chip organisations and work in a global market across multiple platforms and devices. We created a pyramid of dots (influenced by morse code and semaphores) to give a strong overall shape, which could be broken apart and animated to convey effective communication and interaction.  The colour palette was used to complement the brand values and suggest two-way conversation across global landmarks. 

Work completed

  • Naming exercise
  • Brand identity creation
  • Website design
  • Email marketing
  • Leaflets & brochures 
  • Advertising
  • Exhibitions
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • PR support