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Developing a brand for HR consultancy

Oxen Park was formed in 2006, specifically to provide an independent forum for senior HR Leaders who have a passion for developing themselves and enhancing their own, and their profession's contribution to business success. We advise HR leaders in support of their efforts to improve or transform the HR functions they lead. We conduct research studies to identify issues and trends relating to HR effectiveness as well as on emerging topics. We design and deliver unique development programmes for Future HR Leaders and senior HR Business Partners, and for their peers in Centres of Excellence and Shared Service.

The brief

Develop a new brand to help re-position Oxen Park as a specialist provider of services to support HR leaders in individual and team development.

The situation

Oxen Park initially wanted us to develop their website to make it more user-friendly and to help position themselves effectively.

The solution

We reviewed the existing website, logo and identity and decided to see if we could actually go back a few steps to take a closer look at their business and find out exaclty what they did and who they did it for. We wanted to refresh the brand so that it worked for them and provided them with the right look and feel for their intended market.

We looked at the brand and developed a new logo, defined the colour palette and typography and created a graphical approach to the new brand as we felt imagery would not be suitable due to the typical style of business photography which is all too often over used. We looked at raising the profile of Oxen Park developing a logo which had direction and balance. We created a bespoke pattern from the arrow device to provide distinction and personality and crafted a set of icons to support the four core areas that Oxen Park offer. The new brand is working well for them and they have received a lot of positive feedback.

Fantastic! Thanks to you and your colleagues for a job well done. Send me the bill!
Rick Emslie

Can I add my thanks; well done to you and team for guiding (occasionally shoving) us in the right direction. The final product is on the money in my view. It's also been fun and educational working with you.
Geoff Booth

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