Client: Nox Security     Project: Brand Creation

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Naming and branding a security start-up

Nox Security Limited is a new security organisation offering dedicated professional security services. Nox provides manned guarding, mobile patrols, alarm response and key holding services, bringing peace of mind to both organisations and private residencies.

The brief

Create a brand name and identity to reflect the proposition, while making sure the brand enhances the perception of Nox quality in the market.

The situation

Current security provision from the police and privately owned security firms is hampered by either a lack of resources or poor service quality. Nox was convinced there was a space in the market for a high-quality professional service, as long as it could remove the perception of being the new kid on the block.

The solution

We had to understand the business to the core, knowing not only the functional benefits of the service but also exploring the emotional ones, like safety, security and peace of mind.

We explored a number of different name options, and tested them against competitors, ease of recall and strength of sound, leaving "Nox" the clear winner. It gave us a great visual start, too, taking the forward leaning line from the letter X which gave us the strong graphical chevron shape. Black and yellow are used as the primary brand colours to warn, deter and grab attention and there's no coincidence that you'll see it in nature doing the same thing. We then chose imagery to reflect and set the scene of what faces security services and why really it's best to leave it to the professionals.

Nox benefited straight from the off, picking up its first client in the first week of trading and is set to become the leader and standard-setter within the market.

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